Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Week with Yoani: Another reader responds...

Dear Ted,

I have been meaning to email you to say thank you. I appreciate the time that you took and the interest you showed in helping me to get a ticket for the Yoani Sánchez event at the Freedom Tower.  As you may recall, I ended up getting two tickets.

I really liked the way it started – with Yoani reading “Cubanos y punto.” I also saw her at the Coral Gables Country Club. That was a Q & A format and I got to ask a question:

"Had she read Vaclav Havel’s El Poder de Los Sin Poder?" I asked.

"Yes, . . . of course," she responded.

I thought she was absolutely, incredibly, 110% terrific.

She is extremely well-spoken, poised and composed.

She’s determined and focused, warm and genuine.

She won us over!!! Big time!

She did not have to say much to win me over, but for those (few) who had their doubts about whatever, she was impressive.

I really liked her spirit of reconciliation.


Laura María

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