Monday, February 18, 2013

A tryptic of a citizen victory

A tryptic of a single day, 
the culmination of a citizen victory,
long fought for and well deserved.

(Adalberto Roque, AFP)

 (Desmond Boylan, Reuters)

(Adalberto Roque, AFP)
with a little help from Instagram!

(Adalberto Roque, AFP)

(Adalberto Roque, AFP)

(Edmar Melo, EFE)

All of the above photos - save one - were taken in the José Martí International Airport by the intrepid AFP photographer Adalberto Roque.  The final final one of Yoani Sánchez arriving in Recife, Brazil, was taken by Edmar Melo, EFE.

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