Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cuba Study Group proposes innovative program to boost Cuba's burgeoning entrepreneurs

Experts seek to help Cuban entrepreneurs

MIAMI, AP -- A coalition of business leaders and economic experts are offering a list of ways the U.S. government and ordinary citizens can support entrepreneurs in Cuba.

The Washington-based Cuba Study group and several nonprofits on Thursday will lay out proposal including websites to match independent Cuban businesses with donors, and programs to allow people in the U.S. to take out loans on behalf of relatives on the island.

The proposals follow sweeping economic changes on the island. The Cuban government recently granted thousands of business licenses and for the first time is allowing farmers to sell products directly to consumers.

In January, President Obama eased travel restrictions to Cuba for religious and educational organizations. The Study group wants more nonprofits to be able to go.

A Herald reader comments:
"Let us hope that these "experts" have more success than the now imprisoned Alan Gross, whose alleged mission to Cuba was to help Cubans with their communication problems. A good starting point would be to obtain the Cuban Government's suport for the proposals; if this is forthcoming, fine, if not, forget it."

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