Saturday, November 7, 2009

Neither Victims Nor Executioners: Claudia Cadelo and Yoani Sanchez blog about their detention

Cuban blogger Claudia Cadelo provides this fascinating, blow-by-blow description of her detention on her blog Octavo Cerco. Most interesting, perhaps, are her repeated efforts to tweet as she, Yoani, and a friend are forced into unmarked cars by state security agents aided by two slightly sheepish, uniformed police officers.

Cadelo follows up with this post, declaring with Camus that she will be "neither a victim nor an executioner."

Later, Sanchez put up two posts of her own. The first accuses Cuban state security of kiddnapping her and her friends, while the second responds to those who smirk at her situation implying, "she had it coming," and blaming her for provoking the incident.

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